Jelly-BeanAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean is the latest version android operation system. these version presented officially on 27 Jun 2012 through google I/o Conference. The first device using  jellybean OS is nexus 7 presented on 13 July 2012. jelly bean has launched in the market with small deviation in the latest version and with nice user experience.

Most important features are it provides visual like Google now, Voice assistant and vice notification. A smooth functionality and  IOS and windows phone 7 is achieved by android through this version.

Features of this version is
1) Widget flexibility
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean customers can customize home screen and add widgets to every screen easily. It can be resizing suitably for display area automatically. So the problems  for handing every widgets  and icons in the one panel in the previous versions can be solved.

2. Text Input
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has new updated text input options than previous version. It supports touch based typing and improved voice typing. It has upgraded keyboard and  Support 18 more languages. With the help of embedded speech recognition in offline voice typing feature, voice typing is possible without internet connection. Keyboard
can understand the words and sentences that we are typing and an ability for saying the next word.

3. Accessibility
it provides voice, jester based interaction techniques for persons havng site problem, to interact with phone. We can use jelly bean devices to connect with third party braily devices through blue tooth. we can use juster mod touch and swipe juster speech at a time. It helps blind person to navigate user interface easily.

4. Notifications
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean os notification bar is more efficient and previous version. for example we can see the number of emails in the mail box and little things in the  Subject line. If there is a missed call notification, we can make calls using this notification without go through the call list.

5. Google search
This new google search provides new user interface, voice search and google now feature. It also provides searching functionality using google knowledge graph. It means that knowledge are helps Google search engine to provide all the meanings of the keyword given by the customer through side bar and display the search

6. Google now
Google presented the feature Google now instead of Siri in apple I phone. It acts as smart assistance. It gives information in the form of virtual cards like  Weather card,  sports card, currency card , translation card Etc.

7. Android Beam
It helps to share photos and videos easily.
8. Offline google map
It support offline map so we can select and save any part in the map, and use this mapping facility when there is no internet connection.

9. Smoother user interface
A group of performance improvement like V Sync, triple buffering, touch responsive gives to project butter, A processing framework through jelly bean. Screen  Animations are smoother than previous one. In short we can go from one application to another and moves through the home screen very easily.


The second version of jelly bean, Jelly bean 4.2 released on November 13 through LG’s nexus 4 smart phone and Samsung nexus 10 tablets

Feature of Jelly bean 4.2
1) New radial menu in camera interface, Photo sphere panorama mod, multiple use account support in tablet, Juster typing, day dream screan saver, miracast wireless  Streaming

You may refer Android mobile os and their different versions from here

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